Become a Volunteer

Women bending over to pet cat

Berkshire Animal DREAMS needs enthusiastic, competent volunteers who would like to dedicate some of their time to help in the effort to end the overpopulation of cats in the Berkshires.

Since the year 2000, we have helped and brought dignity to the lives of thousands of cats. This could not have been possible without the committed and caring work of volunteers. In fact, Animal DREAMS is completely run by volunteers.

Here are some of the ways you can help as a volunteer:

Become a Trapper

Trappers are at the core of our TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) mission. Most of the cats we help are feral or semi-feral. In the Berkshires, Animal DREAMS is the primary organization with the equipment and know-how to trap them for their vet appointment. Trapping requires dedication, the ability to work well with people, and the physical strength to carry cats in traps. Training is provided.

Become a Canvasser

In order to solve the cat overpopulation problem in a particular area, we need to go out and canvas the area to make sure we know about all of the unfixed cats that live there. This involves walking around the neighborhood, knocking on doors and asking about cats in the community. The goal is to find out where the cats are living and eating. This information is critical to large TNR projects. The job requires volunteers who work well with people, and who have the dedication to follow through with the canvassing project they commit to. Canvassing always happens in teams of two or more. Training is provided.

In-House Cat Care

When trapping projects are taking place, trapped feral cats are brought to Animal DREAMS until their vet appointment. After they have been vetted, they recover for 24 to 48 hours before returning to their caretaker and outside home. While at the Animal DREAMS facility, the cats need their cages cleaned, and they need food and water. This is not the kind of animal care you might expect to do at a shelter. These cats are most often feral and semi-feral. Cat petting is not involved! They want as little to do with human contact as possible, but it’s a great service to the cats to keep them comfortable until they are returned to their stomping grounds. Training is provided.

Transport cats

Cats need to be transported to and from vet appointments, and sometimes from the caretaker to Animal DREAMS. When bringing cats to the Animal DREAMS facility, transporters are required to set up the cat’s cage with litter, food and water. Training is provided.

Foster Cats and Kittens

If there are young kittens who are trapped before the age of 8 weeks, it’s possible to socialize them so that they can be brought to a shelter to be adopted out. We sometimes need foster homes to raise and socialize these kittens. This could involve caring also for their feral mother, or it could involve bottle-feeding kittens without mothers. If you become a foster volunteer, you would be called upon to help, but can determine in each case whether you have the time or experience to handle that particular foster task.

Raise Funds for the Organization

We don’t currently have a dedicated fundraising committee guiding Animal DREAMS’ fundraising efforts. We rely on self-starter type individuals who care about our mission, will raise money in their own way, and donate to Animal DREAMS. Have a birthday coming up? Ask your friends to donate to Animal DREAMS instead of giving you gifts. Do your kids love animals? Explain what Animal DREAMS does and make a project of raising money with a lemonade stand or other creative activity. Every dollar makes a big difference in this organization, so no effort is too small.

Deliver Food for Feral Cats

Animal DREAMS maintains a food bank to help the many caretakers in Berkshire County who are feeding feral cats. Sometimes these caretakers have no transportation, and we need people who will deliver food to them.

Specialized Skills

Are you great with computers or Graphic Design? An ace with a hammer and drill? Is there a particular skill you have that might be of help to Animal DREAMS? We would love to hear about it!

Join Our Cause!

All new Animal DREAMS volunteers must meet with the Volunteer Manager for an orientation and to fill out a bit of paperwork. During that time, we can discuss what specific volunteer jobs you.

If you would like to volunteer, please email or call (413) 997-CATS (2287).

Hire a Rodent Control Hero

Veteran working cats are available for adoption as superior, resident pest-control – compensated only by basic living amenities, a return to independence and the dignity found in performing a specialized skill they’ve trained a lifetime to perform.


Specialized Defense for Your


Working cat(s) require daily food/water plus access to a free-standing building safe from the elements and predators. In return, they will catch and repel rodents as well as other unwanted animals.


All working cats are provided the following treatments and procedures prior to adoption:

• Spay/Neuter
• Initial Deworming
• Flea/Tick Treatment
• Rabies One-Year Vaccination


These veterans range from feral to friendly with behavior issues making them un-adoptable into a traditional home. Accustomed to some human contact, most prefer to keep people at a distance, but may become more social over time.


We are eager to match a cat to you and your particular needs. The process requires a phone conversation, application approval and a few practical steps to help your new hire acclimate. For instance, some cats do better in pairs depending on your location and needs. Contact us today, we have cats standing by.

Animal DREAMS is a non-profit organization improving the lives of feral and abandoned cats in Berkshire County, MA.