Hire a Rodent Control Hero

Veteran working cats are available for adoption as superior, resident pest-control – compensated only by basic living amenities, a return to independence and the dignity found in performing a specialized skill they’ve trained a lifetime to perform.


Specialized Defense for Your


Working cat(s) require daily food/water plus access to a free-standing building safe from the elements and predators. In return, they will catch and repel rodents as well as other unwanted animals.


All working cats are provided the following treatments and procedures prior to adoption:

• Spay/Neuter
• Initial Deworming
• Flea/Tick Treatment
• Rabies One-Year Vaccination


These veterans range from feral to friendly with behavior issues making them un-adoptable into a traditional home. Accustomed to some human contact, most prefer to keep people at a distance, but may become more social over time.


We are eager to match a cat to you and your particular needs. The process requires a phone conversation, application approval and a few practical steps to help your new hire acclimate. For instance, some cats do better in pairs depending on your location and needs. Contact us today, we have cats standing by.

Animal DREAMS is a non-profit organization improving the lives of feral and abandoned cats in Berkshire County, MA.