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$70 is the Magic Number

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At Animal DREAMS, we have a very long list of TNR Intake forms in a file called “Needs Money”. Many people who care for community cats struggle to meet their own expenses. They feed them but are helpless to stop the overpopulation because they don’t have the $70 it would cost to fix each cat they care for outside. At Animal DREAMS, SEVENTY DOLLARS is a magic number. A donation of $70 means we can fix and vaccinate one more cat.


Cat in the distance

Two volunteers just canvassed a section of Pittsfield to get to the bottom of where the cats are living and eating. Boy is it a challenge! Someone says they're hiding under a porch where a section is missing. Another person showed us a basement door that stays open—she's seen cats going there. Someone else thinks a woman a block away might be feeding them and she sees them coming from the hill up the street. Anyone out there want to be a cat detective? We need folks who are good with people to join our canvassing team.

Back to Basics: TNR


We’ve been telling you how we’re getting back to basics: trap, neuter and return. Well, there’s one additional service we offer; a food bank for feral cats. There’s a tremendous need; many caretakers have little money to buy food for the cats in their neighborhood. You can help us by donating any kind of cat food. Drop-off locations are: The RSVP office in the lower level of Pittsfield's public library building, the senior center in Pittsfield, Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital, Meow & Growl in Lee, Chez Pet in Lenox, and Lenox Cat Hospital.

We Need YOU!

Cats and cages in vehicle trunk

Are you an animal lover? Do you like to volunteer in a way that makes a big impact? Are you reliable? a good organizer? WE NEED YOU!! Here’s the kind of help we need: canvassers who will team up to ask about cats in our target area; trappers; vet transporters; foster volunteers. Consider rolling up your sleeves and joining the team to make a big difference for community cats.

Animal DREAMS' Mission

Cat in the snow

Let’s talk about the mission. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 un-owned cats living on the streets in Berkshire County. Animal DREAMS is the community’s only organization with the equipment and know-how to stabilize cat colonies that are overpopulating neighborhoods. The number of phone calls we get tells us there is an enormous need for TNR. As important as it is, it’s currently supported completely by donations from animal-lovers like you. It would be a blow to community cats if the organization could not afford to exist, but truth be told, it has come close to this.