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Kitten season is coming. What do I do if I see kittens outside?


There are lots of feral and semi-feral cats living in our midst. Some were pets at one time, but having lived outside for a while, they have lost their trust of humans. Some were never social with humans and do heir best to avoid us at all costs.  Many of these “community cats” have not been spayed or neutered, so from mid-spring to late fall, litters of kittens are born and raised right in our back yards…. Literally!

When caring animal-lovers see kittens outside, we want to help. Surely the best thing is to catch them and find them homes, right? Not so fast! It’s way more complicated than you think!

MAC "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate grant



Berkshire Humane Society and Animal DREAMS was fortunate to receive a grant from the MAC "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate program. We'll be using the funds in our efforts to fix cats in Pittsfield. If you ever wondered where those great license plates come from, check out . You can purchase one, and at the same time, help with the mission of spaying and neutering companion animals.... and cats right here in your own back yard!

We Need Cat Food!!


As more people help care for the Community Cats in our cities and towns, the more they need our help with feeding them.  With this higher demand for food our food pantry is getting dangerously low. PLEASE spread the word that we need food donations!  PURINA kibble is a favorite and relatively cheap.

Drop Off Locations:
Pittsfield Vet
Lenox Cat Hospital
Animal DREAMS, Catty Shack (lower parking lot at Berkshire Humane Society)

Busy fixin' cats!


Since June, Animal DREAMS has been busy fulfilling our PetSmart Charities® grant obligation to fix 500 cats in Pittsfield over the next year. Our partnership with Berkshire Humane Society made it possible to get the grant, and their support is helping us succeed. The day to day business of talking to owners and caretakesr of unfixed cats, scheduling vet appointments, trapping ferals, getting cats to and from vets, keeping records.... that's done by a dedicated small group of Animal DREAMS volunteers. We've fixed over 100 cats so far, and we are positive we're going to make it!

We Need Cat Food!!


We Need Cat Food!!

We supply cat food to many people who care for homeless cats in their community. Please help us help them and donate cat food for our pantry. Drop off locations are:

- The AD Catty Shack (lower parking lot of Berkshire Humane Society)
- Pittsfield Vet Hospital
- Lenox Cat Hospital
- RSVP (Pittsfield Library)

The "Catty Shack"


About a month ago, this room was unfinished and looked like it might be a place to store garden supplies. Now, it's painted, organized, and just right to care for feral cats while they wait for their vet appointment. Donna, organizer extraordinaire, played a big part in getting the room in shape. Though we had much more space at our North Street facility, this room is just perfect for its purpose. Donna just made pretty curtains for it last week too!

New Home of Animal DREAMS


Looks like an ordinary desk space, you say! Maybe so, but it's the new hub of Animal DREAMS, and our efforts to end cat overpopulation. Administrative volunteers manage the paperwork and record-keeping here, while other volunteers call the "Catty Shack" (a new, fully equipped shed on the BHS property) the hub for the cats we trap, neuter and return. It's our new, pared-down, lean, mean, spay and neuter organization. We have very, very low overhead now, so if you donate, your money will directly help cats!

News From Animal DREAMS!


We've been busy and it's time for an update. Remember the grant to fix 125 cats in the west side of Pittsfield? We succeeded! That makes us eligible to apply for a new grant from Petsmart to fix even more cats. We and Berkshire Humane Society are writing the grant application now, and hope to be able to fix 500 cats in Pittsfield starting sometime in May or June. Most of these cats will be free-roaming (owned and unowned), but some can be indoor-only owned cats. Crossing fingers that we'll get the grant!

Tag Sale!


TAG SALE, Saturday March 21, 2015 9 AM to 2 PM 441 North Street!
Animal DREAMS will be out of the current facility by the end of this month. We still have some stuff for sale. Come to our tag sale, make an offer and take it home with you! It'll be the best offer on all of our for-sale stuff, so there are bargains to be had! If you're interested, please just come that day. We don't have the volunteer help to answer calls or meet folks at a different time.



THIS SUNDAY, November 23rd outside WALMART at Berkshire Crossing in Pittsfield some wonderfully supportive teenagers are having a Bake Sale and 50/50 Raffle in support of Animal DREAMS. Please stop by and support them and us!!!

Flyer Distribution


Today, we distributed flyers in four blocks of our target area letting people know that we have funding to fix 125 cats there. No cost for ferals, and $25 for owned cats. While walking around the neighborhood, we saw some prospective kitty clients. Perhaps some of their owners or caretakers will be calling us to ask for help. It may be hard to see some of the cats in these pictures. We are getting good at seeing cats everywhere!

Happy Return


We returned four outdoor cats from our target area of west Pittsfield today: fixed, vaccinated, parasite-treated and eartipped. All were VERY happy to say goodbye to us. Two of them went so fast they beat the camera. Here is one of the other two.


Grant to Fix Cats on the West Side of Pittsfield


If you live on the west side of Pittsfield Massachusetts, and you own or care for unfixed cats, we have great news for you. Animal DREAMS, in partnership with Berkshire Humane Society, has been awarded a mentoring grant from PetSmart Charities to spay or neuter 125 cats who live in a specific area on the west side of Pittsfield. The borders of this area are: North St., Wahconah St., Pecks Rd., Onota St., and West St. (See map)

In our target area, we will be spaying and neutering cats that are owned/pets (indoor and/or outdoor), as well as stray and feral cats. Vet care will include: spay or neuter, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, parasite treatment, and in the case of un-owned cats, an eartip.

Owned cats: This program is called CatSNIP, and the cost to owners will be $25. No proof of income is necessary. To hold a spot, payment must be made in advance when the CatSNIP application is filled out. Owners will bring cats to Animal DREAMS the morning of surgery and pick them up the same day. If transportation is difficult for cat owners, we will try to work something out so no one misses this opportunity for that reason.

Un-owned cats: This is our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) Program. It includes feral and stray cats.

This grant period has already started, and it ends February 28, or when we have reached our goal of 125 cats.

If you live inside the target area in Pittsfield and would like to participate or learn more, call (413) 997-2287 and leave a message with your contact information, the street you live on, and a brief description of your situation. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Tag Sale!


Animal DREAMS will be having a tag sale!  We're raising money to help support our Trap-Neuter-Return operations, while finding new homes for furniture and items we're no longer using.  All money received will go towards supporting Animal DREAMS' mission, so please stop by and bring something home.

Where:  441 North Street, Pittsfield, MA
When:  Saturday, October 11th, from 9am to 1pm

Here are some of the things we'll have for sale:
Small items:

Arizona Pizza Dining-to-Donate


Friends! Come on out this Friday and Saturday to the hottest place in town for a wonderfully mouth watering dinner! When you dine at Arizona Pizza Co. on 395 Pittsfield Rd. in LENOX this Friday and Saturday September 26 and 27 from 11am to 11pm - 20% of all meals, take out and gift cards - sold to you on those two days - will be donated to Animal DREAMS at no cost to you


And WOW - Did you also know you help HUGE by encouraging everyone you know in the WORLD to come by - family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, strangers! The more people who stop in this Friday and Saturday - the more Arizona Pizza Co. will donate to us so we can continue the work of helping the ferals and stray cats within our communities. So please share the good news to anyone and everyone. It can really make a COLOSSAL difference! Thank you!

Hope to see you all there!