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One Small TNR Operation Comes to Completion

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 12:00am -- hampercm

On June 23rd, Animal Dreams responded to a call from a caretaker. She was feeding 13 cats: 8 were already fixed, and 5 were not.

The first cat we caught was a 7 month old, very pregnant cat... this was going to be her second litter. The other 4 unfixed ones were promptly spayed or neutered, but this mother-to-be had her kittens right away: seven of them.

Fast forward past the births, the emergency vet visits for the one kitten who had chronic respiratory infections, the kittens going to Sonsini to be fixed, and put up for adoption, and mom being fixed. Yesterday, mom, who had been unhappy being in captivity for all of this, was returned to her outdoor home and dedicated caretaker. At first it seemed like she couldn't believe she was back and she looked around with wide eyes from inside her carrier. Then all of a sudden, she bolted, right back in the direction she came from all those months ago before we caught her.