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Tue, 03/17/2015 - 3:33pm -- Amie Gero

We've been busy and it's time for an update. Remember the grant to fix 125 cats in the west side of Pittsfield? We succeeded! That makes us eligible to apply for a new grant from Petsmart to fix even more cats. We and Berkshire Humane Society are writing the grant application now, and hope to be able to fix 500 cats in Pittsfield starting sometime in May or June. Most of these cats will be free-roaming (owned and unowned), but some can be indoor-only owned cats. Crossing fingers that we'll get the grant!

More news:  as of the end of March, we will be out of our facility on North Street. Where will we hold feral cats while they wait for their vet appointment? In a new, heated and air-conditioned shed donated by Berkshire Money Management! It's getting spruced up right now and it's sitting on the edge of the parking lot at Berkshire Humane Society. And, the folks at BHS have graciously opened their office space to include an Animal DREAMS desk so we can conduct business as usual, BUT without the overhead. They care about spay and neuter as much as we do, so it's a great partnership. We're looking forward to an impactful year.