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Great Tip!

Tue, 03/17/2015 - 11:46am -- Amie Gero

Check out this great tip from a feral caretaker in South County:
It's been a challenging winter for the community cats trying to stay warm in this repeated onslaught of sub-zero temperatures. We did something that really seems to help the small community that 3 of us volunteers care for - we made an "igloo" out of straw bales underneath their current shelter. Using the bales in solid form, we made walls with them and left 3 openings between the bales. Packed the interior with loose straw, put a mylar blanket on top of that, more straw on top of that. It seems VERY wind resistant and is a fairly small compartment inside where they can cozy in. They seem to prefer it to the actual shelter compartments.