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Back to Basics: TNR

Mon, 08/25/2014 - 10:00am -- hampercm

We’ve been telling you how we’re getting back to basics: trap, neuter and return. Well, there’s one additional service we offer; a food bank for feral cats. There’s a tremendous need; many caretakers have little money to buy food for the cats in their neighborhood. You can help us by donating any kind of cat food. Drop-off locations are: The RSVP office in the lower level of Pittsfield's public library building, the senior center in Pittsfield, Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital, Meow & Growl in Lee, Chez Pet in Lenox, and Lenox Cat Hospital. Or if you’d like to take a role in helping with the food bank, we’d love your help! There's a wonderful volunteer named Chris who just took on managing it. But sometimes, food needs to be delivered to caretakers without transportation.