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We Need Cat Food!!


We Need Cat Food!!

We supply cat food to many people who care for homeless cats in their community. Please help us help them and donate cat food for our pantry. Drop off locations are:

- The AD Catty Shack (lower parking lot of Berkshire Humane Society)
- Pittsfield Vet Hospital
- Lenox Cat Hospital
- RSVP (Pittsfield Library)

The "Catty Shack"


About a month ago, this room was unfinished and looked like it might be a place to store garden supplies. Now, it's painted, organized, and just right to care for feral cats while they wait for their vet appointment. Donna, organizer extraordinaire, played a big part in getting the room in shape. Though we had much more space at our North Street facility, this room is just perfect for its purpose. Donna just made pretty curtains for it last week too!

New Home of Animal DREAMS


Looks like an ordinary desk space, you say! Maybe so, but it's the new hub of Animal DREAMS, and our efforts to end cat overpopulation. Administrative volunteers manage the paperwork and record-keeping here, while other volunteers call the "Catty Shack" (a new, fully equipped shed on the BHS property) the hub for the cats we trap, neuter and return. It's our new, pared-down, lean, mean, spay and neuter organization. We have very, very low overhead now, so if you donate, your money will directly help cats!


Items We Have a Need for:


  • *Dry & canned cat food
  • *Dry & canned kitten food

Gift cards:

  • *Gas cards or debit cards ($10-20 – for trapping and veterinary appointment runs)
  • *Tractor Supply (898 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Petco (690 Merrill Rd., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Benson's Pet Center (457 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Staples (Berkshire Crossing, 555 Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Wal-mart (Berkshire Crossing, 555 Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, MA)

Office Supplies/Other:

  • Postage stamps
  • Food scales (for weighing kittens. They can be found at Walmart, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond)
  • Break-away cat collars
  • Corporate sponsors
*Most needed