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Kitten season is coming. What do I do if I see kittens outside?


There are lots of feral and semi-feral cats living in our midst. Some were pets at one time, but having lived outside for a while, they have lost their trust of humans. Some were never social with humans and do heir best to avoid us at all costs.  Many of these “community cats” have not been spayed or neutered, so from mid-spring to late fall, litters of kittens are born and raised right in our back yards…. Literally!

When caring animal-lovers see kittens outside, we want to help. Surely the best thing is to catch them and find them homes, right? Not so fast! It’s way more complicated than you think!

MAC "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate grant



Berkshire Humane Society and Animal DREAMS was fortunate to receive a grant from the MAC "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate program. We'll be using the funds in our efforts to fix cats in Pittsfield. If you ever wondered where those great license plates come from, check out . You can purchase one, and at the same time, help with the mission of spaying and neutering companion animals.... and cats right here in your own back yard!

We Need Cat Food!!


As more people help care for the Community Cats in our cities and towns, the more they need our help with feeding them.  With this higher demand for food our food pantry is getting dangerously low. PLEASE spread the word that we need food donations!  PURINA kibble is a favorite and relatively cheap.

Drop Off Locations:
Pittsfield Vet
Lenox Cat Hospital
Animal DREAMS, Catty Shack (lower parking lot at Berkshire Humane Society)

Busy fixin' cats!


Since June, Animal DREAMS has been busy fulfilling our PetSmart Charities® grant obligation to fix 500 cats in Pittsfield over the next year. Our partnership with Berkshire Humane Society made it possible to get the grant, and their support is helping us succeed. The day to day business of talking to owners and caretakesr of unfixed cats, scheduling vet appointments, trapping ferals, getting cats to and from vets, keeping records.... that's done by a dedicated small group of Animal DREAMS volunteers. We've fixed over 100 cats so far, and we are positive we're going to make it!

We Need Cat Food!!


We Need Cat Food!!

We supply cat food to many people who care for homeless cats in their community. Please help us help them and donate cat food for our pantry. Drop off locations are:

- The AD Catty Shack (lower parking lot of Berkshire Humane Society)
- Pittsfield Vet Hospital
- Lenox Cat Hospital
- RSVP (Pittsfield Library)


Items We Have a Need for:


  • *Dry & canned cat food
  • *Dry & canned kitten food

Gift cards:

  • *Gas cards or debit cards ($10-20 – for trapping and veterinary appointment runs)
  • *Tractor Supply (898 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Petco (690 Merrill Rd., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Benson's Pet Center (457 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Staples (Berkshire Crossing, 555 Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, MA)
  • Wal-mart (Berkshire Crossing, 555 Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, MA)

Office Supplies/Other:

  • Postage stamps
  • Food scales (for weighing kittens. They can be found at Walmart, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond)
  • Break-away cat collars
  • Corporate sponsors
*Most needed